Jessica Repetto - Beware: Luis Lucas 2CreateMedia Web Design Thief and Scam Artist

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I hired Luis Lucas (who sometimes goes by 2CreateMedia) to re-design my website.He requested that I pay 60% up front after signing a contract with him.

After paying this, there was a six month window for the deadline of the website to be finished. With one week left in the deadline, he emailed me informing me that "his brother had died" and there was going to be a delay. I was understanding of course because I believed that no one would lie about something so horrific, so I gave him some time. After one month, I emailed him and he told me he was in another country and needed more time.

After a couple months of him not responding, I told him I needed my money back or I would have to go to court. He never responded. I then took the case to court, where he never showed up. In fact, he completely disappeared off of the internet; his twitter/facebook/linkedin/website and blog were all deleted, and there was no trace of him.

The court case took place in July, and this November of 2012 he resurfaced on all of the previous mentioned internet platforms, looking for new work and promoting himself as a web designer with a fantastic reputation. In addition, two months ago, I recently found out that he stole ten thousand dollars from another client.

I have contacted him to give me my money back and he is unwilling.Please do not work with, speak to, or associate yourself with this man as he is a scam artist and thief.

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